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It takes a lot of strength to break the glass ceiling and put forth ideas that shatter the structures of society for good. Fortune Interior’s brand founder Vasushri Kapoor in her recent article talks about how women are spending their lives conformed to other people’s perfect ideas. It is time to break the rule and embrace true individualism. Read the entire article in @life.olivetree Magazine today.

View February 2022 online edition here.

New Year, new read! We are extremely elated to announce our next feature in the @life.olivetree E-mag, January 2022 edition where Vasushri Kapoor will take us through another spectacular read. Gain insight on how to introduce a bar in your homes for special moments with your loved ones. The festive season continues and there is no better time to make a statement with that dream bar you always wanted.

The festive December issue of OliveTree E-Magazine features our brand founder, Ms. Vasushri Kapoor. Here she talks about a winning combination of beauty and brains – gorgeous spaces combined with home automation technology. Smart devices are no longer just used for playing music or turning on the lights. There’s so much more this technology can offer your home.

View online edition here.

In the fourth issue of OliveTree E-Magazine, our brand founder, Ms. Vasushri Kapoor @vasushri talks about how colours affect our mood and emotional well-being. She delves into colour therapy and emphasizes the importance of choosing the right colours for our home and shares her view on how each tone of colour affects us and how certain colour tones make us feel relaxed and optimistic. Lastly, she also lists compelling advantages of using different colours tones.

In the third issue of OliveTree E-Magazine, our brand founder, Ms. Vasushri Kapoor talks about bringing the outdoors inside and how using biophilic design improves workplace wellbeing and productivity. She also shares the benefits of surrounding ourselves with nature and presents us with tips to incorporate biophilic design into our space.

In the second issue of OliveTree E-Magazine, our brand founder, Ms. Vasushri Kapoor talks about how travel inspires design. She reveals how she draws creative inspirations from her travel, how she brings design-inspired elements into space and how comfort and functionality have always been the foundation of her designs.

The first issue of the Olivetree e-magazine is out and our brand founder, Ms. Vasushri Kapoor has been featured. In this exclusive interview, ma’am talks about her journey as an interior designer, how to strike the right balance between aesthetics and functionality and where she draws her inspiration from.